I have been a member of this club since 2003. Having "retired" from weekend cricket in 2002 I joined this club to pursue my interest in PC hardware. I was parachuted in (or was it pressganged?) as Secretary in 2008 as part of the 07-08 "committee crisis" and was re-elected  in 2009.

I used to be a Biomedical Engineering Associate for Queensland Health. ie. fixing medical and pathology machines that go "ping" but I gave up that pressure, aggravation and the frustration in 2006. Before that I was a student and before that I used to work in retail electronics.

Right now I'm home dad to my 6 year old little girl, Lily (grade 1 at Kurwongbah State School) and occasional part time technician for a company that supplies Point of Sale Solutions to cafes and shops. I'm a Computer Buddy/Tutor at Kallangur Library and quite enjoy Spider Solitaire. I like hard drives, Doctor Who and chocolate. I listen to Radio National and the cricket a lot. I like chocolate. I don't like Rugby or Aussie Rules much. I like chocolate. Real football is also called soccer for some reason. I don't  drink or smoke or eat chocolate because I have Type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism. I'm interested in Digital Video and multimedia generally. But I still like chocolate. I have an Associate Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering With Distinction from University of Southern Queensland. I love my beautiful, clever, young, artistic wife, Sharlene (she's watching me write this!). We live in a house in Kallangur. I vote for politicians because I have no choice. I drive a car with wheels on it. I eat muesli for breakfast and sleep in a bed like Count Dracula used to before he took up with that Van Helsing guy.

My collection of PC's is ageing and varied. There's an old G3 Macintosh and a few Socket 370's and a Pentium 3 with a Slot 1 processor in the back room. The main PC's are all socket 478 or LGA775 machines. I have a home network of 6 to 10 pc's, most of which are for video capture or offline encoding. My latest machine is a Intel Dual Core E5200 based unit with 4GB of PC800 RAM and a Gigabyte Intel G31 chipset motherboard. I'm proud to say I built it myself from components for under $400. I would like to know more about networking and server operating systems.

I am happy to have members contact me by email or by my mobile phone with any enquiries or problems they might have but would ask members to please respect my family's privacy by not ringing me on my home number.