b.Sydney. After school I Joined R.C.A (Radio Corp.of America) Motion picture division as an installation engineer, during which time I attended Syd. Tech for 4yrs and Uni.of N.S.W 2yrs, post grad in Electronic Eng. Having also obtained a Radio Comm. Operator's licence I went to sea on a ship for a short stint and then was very fortunate to obtain a position as a Flight Radio Officer, with Qantas Empire Airways (as it was known then) in 1948. After endorsement courses, on all their aircraft types viz. Lancastrian, DC3, DC4, Catalina, Sandringham (flying boats), Constellation and later Super Constellation and jets Boeing 707s, I flew on all their overseas routes. Subsequently, R/Os were done away with, but by then I had a Commercial Pilot's Licence coupled with Nav's, and Qantas sent me to N.Guinea (while Q. was still there) for pilot experience and I flew DC-3s. Brought back to Sydney and pilot endorsed on Super Constellation and jet Boeing 707s. I then flew (pilot) on all their overseas routes until medically unfit. I was offered a position with Magnavox Aust. group of companies (loudspeaker and electronic mfrs),and eventually rose to General Mgr. until the firm was acquired, by then, a division of Paramount Pictures.

Having been involved in sailing all my life, I had a 34ft boat 'Kotori' and sailed up and down the coast and when invited in overseas boats. Now all I do is play with Ham Radio a little (VK4-AGH) and Computers, a lot,...badly, I fear.